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If you are a manufacturer or retailer of equipment, for any of our activities, instructors could greatly increase your sales.

Customers view instructors as experts and value their advice when choosing products.

Instructors taking 1-2-1 lessons work regularly with people who invest considerable time and money in improving their performance.  For these people the correct equipment is critical.

Furthermore people are much more likely to buy products which they have physically experienced and are therefore confident they will enjoy using (golf clubs, tennis rackets, Guitars, Piano, computer).  Instructors can give them this opportunity during lessons so they can shop or mail order with confidence.

1-2-1Lessons gives you - the manufacturer or retailer- an opportunity to link with instructors in a way which is simple and will cost you nothing.  It will allow you to have a team of instructors recommend your products.

Simply sign up as a manufacturer or retailer at and you can start building your instructors team.

Here you will receive a referral code.  If an instructor signs up to use our full service using this code we will pay you the full amount they pay the first year ($160, £100, €120) and you will also get their contact details.

Create an equipment or marketing package for them which will make them want to sign up - this should be easy considering you are getting their first years fee in addition to having your own equipment at cost price.  

For example a retailer of tennis rackets in the UK may offer a package of two rackets & a bag for a tennis coaches personal use and to allow their clients to try.  If the full retail price of the package is £300, the cost price may be £140.  Bearing in mind the £100 the retailer will get back from signing up, they could offer instructors this package for £40. This would be very attractive to tennis coaches and the result would be that the retailer could have a large team of 1-2-1 instructors showing their products to tennis players at no cost to the retailer. There are over 4,000 tennis coaches spread throughout the UK so the retailer could create a massive sales increase.

A smaller shop might offer something as simple as a free £100 voucher for products in their shop, knowing that they will be paid this amount by 1-2-1lessons for each instructor who joins the team. Either way the result is you will have a team of 1-2-1 instructors showing your products to their clients at no cost to you.

Manufacturers and retailers can also supply instructors with downloadable materials, which advertise both their lessons and the manufacturers brand or retailer's shop.  Instructors can then print them to advertise themselves in their local club or community - again advertising the manufacturer or retailer at practically no cost – the print and distribution being done by the instructor who is advertising his or her own lessons.

To start your 1-2-1 lessons team

  1. Sign up now - it will take less than 3 minutes. Once completed you will get your referral code.
  2. Create a deal. This will attract instructors to join your team. Remember you will get the cost of our full subscription ($160, £100, €120) for each instructor who signs up from us.  You can see which instructors have signed up at any time by signing into your account.
  3. Add downloadable material at any time. This is an optional extra but could help a lot with your promotions as instructors have local knowledge and goodwill to get materials displayed in key places.
  4. Start building your team by advertising the deal to instructors. This may mean advertising on your website or sales brochure, displaying details in your shop or sending details to instructors you already know.

That's it - your 1-2-1 lessons team is up and running. It will not have cost you anything so there's nothing to lose. Simply decide which instructors you want to approve from those who apply by clicking 'approve' beside their name.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We wish you every success and hope this will have a very positive impact on your sales.

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