Qualifying Organisations

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1-2-1Lessons encourages people to ‘gain a qualification’ to teach their chosen activity by directing them to organisations which offer teaching qualifications.

If you offer such a qualification then please register with us. This will allow people looking for a qualification to find your organisation and give them the email and telephone number for the correct contact person within your organisation. Click on the 'qualifications' section on the bottom right corner of our website to see how this search function works.

We also offer these organisations incentives to recommend our service to qualified instructors and people gaining qualifications as outlined below. This can be done by placing ads in your own publications or newsletters, telling them about it at training courses & conferences or simply by emailing or posting them information directly. Telling new instructors about it on the course when the gain their initial qualification is particularly useful as the service will help to get them established as an instructor in their community.

Referral system
On registering the qualifying organisation will receive a referral code. Instructors who sign up for our ‘full service’ using this code will automatically receive a 20% discount and the organisation that referred them will receive the remaining 80%. We get paid the following year if the instructor signs up again.

Marketing Materials
We provide instructors with downloadable files to create marketing materials - posters, newspaper ads, banners etc. These are of great assistance to instructors promoting lessons in their local area and in so doing they are also advertising 1-2-1lessons.

This also creates an opportunity for the organisation that qualified them to advertise themselves simply by being included on this material. If you have advertising materials that you would like us you use in this way please upload them in the ‘downloads’ section once you have registered or email them to info@1-2-1lessons.com and we will make them available for instructors qualified through your organisation to download.

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